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Construction of the Anti Servo Tabs.

The only real difficulty we had with the anti servo tabs was trying to spray paint the primer on the inside surfaces without getting runs in the paint. There are a few runs in the paint, but they are all rivetted up, and no one will ever know that they are there! After deburring and priming along with the Horizontal Stabilizer parts, the first job was to use the solid rivets to rivet the AST control horns to the inboard AST ribs. This is not the sequence given in the plans, but, again an internet search came up with the advice that it was much easier to set the solid rivets with the squeezer first, then pop rivet the ribs to the AST skins afterwards. The pillar drill was used in conjunction with the aluminium hole templates all held in position with small wooden blocks screwed to a base block to accurately drill the rivet holes in the hinges. Where holes needed to be eased during riveting of the hinges, a piece of inside out sticky masking tape on the end of the piano wire hinge pin was used to make sure there was no swarf left inside the AST Skins.

Anti Servo Tabs. (18 June 2017)

Anti Servo Tab completed 21/08/2017.

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