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Useful info about shipping from Vans in the USA to us here in the UK.

No escape from VAT, but do not pay Import Duty!

VAT at 20% is payable when your shipment lands in the UK, and will be added to the freight company's bill and passed on by them to HMRC. A lot, (the majority) of freight companies will also try to add on import duty, but you do not have to pay this as long as you have used the correct commodity codes etc, and as long as you can persuade the freight company to fill in and submit the correct form.

The correct description and codes, which Vans has to put on the labels and shipping documents, are "Parts for Civil Aircraft", Commodity Code 8803300010, imported using Simplified Procedure CPC 4000028, with End User Number EU9999/999/99, which qualifies for end user relief, with no import duty to pay. The End User Number is not full of place holders, but is an actual End User Number to be used when the importer is importing only occasionally using the simplified customs procedure. Some people use a slightly different commodity code, the difference being as follows...

From the HMRC trade tarriff document.
Other parts of aeroplanes or helicopters
For use in civil aircraft
Intended to be fitted in aircraft imported duty free or built within the Community
Seems to be a large overlap, but seeing as we are not building or flying military or commercial aircraft, "for use in civil aircraft" would seem to fit the bill. That is what I have successfully used in the past anyway.

Finally, here is a copy of a C88 form as filled in for me by Fedex and used successfully to avoid paying import duty!
Download Sample Form C88 here!

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