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Construction of the Rudder.

The Rudder spar, spar caps, rudder horn and rudder hinges and brackets were all clecoed together and temporarily mounted on the vertical stabiliser to work out which combination of AN-960 thick washers, and AN-960L thin washers were required to ensure there was no slop in the hinges. Turned out to be one of each on both side, for top hinge and bottom hinge. The bottom bracket was held on temporarily by ordinary diy metric nuts and bolts because they were a lot easier to do up and undo than the self locking aviation types to be used in the final assembly.

Vertical Stabiliser/Rudder Hinge Brackets. (15 June 2017)

The next step was to unbolt the spar and hinges from the vertical stabiliser, rivet all the primed rudder ribs to the spar, clecoe on and then rivet the rudder skins, (already primed on the inside). The skins were not finally rivetted on until our inspector had visited and signed off the internal structure, (along with the Horizontal Stabiliser internal structure), on 13 August 2017.

Rudder completed 14 August 2017.

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